Wellbeing Supervision

Studies show that the state of our mental health can have a significant effect on how productive we are at work – from the way we interact with our team members to the way we communicate with senior leaders or those who work for us.

Stress and anxiety are also often linked to physical problems, such as migraines, stomach problems and muscular-skeletal issues, all of which can result in time taken off work on a regular basis.

How The Wellbeing Supervisor can help you

The Wellbeing Supervisor is a preventative service that gives organisations a safe, objective referral to an experienced supervisor. Working alongside your business, it helps to support your HR and employer commitments, providing a valuable service that gives your people the help they need, when they need it, and before their mental health issues become more serious.

The Wellbeing Supervisor’s guidance and support throughout my supervision has allowed me to put things into perspective, and try new ways of solving issues. The Wellbeing Supervisor’s style is friendly and approachable which has allowed me to feel relaxed and confident to talk about a variety of positive and negative areas.”

Why use The Wellbeing Supervisor?

Wellbeing Supervision from The Wellbeing Supervisor is the ideal practical support to your absentee management, mental health and workforce health policies, and sets you apart as an ethical, caring employer.

Using a fully trained and qualified supervisor is vital. They will have the skills to ask the right questions, guide conversations safely, and provide the tools and support needed to make a difference.

“The Wellbeing Supervisor is an open person, she is kind and caring, but not at all in a patronising way, which I have experienced in the past. The Wellbeing Supervisor is very empathetic, and is not afraid to point out different ways I could have handled situations and ways to move forward.”

Find out more

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